UET Lahore Merit List 2013

UET Merit Lists 2013

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UET announced the result of ECAT 2013. Students are now awaiting the merit lists cut off marks so that they may get the programme of their own choice. These merit lists are for all the campuses of UET.

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Discipline Category Campus Aggregate
Architecture A LHR
Architecture I LHR
Architecture N LHR
Architecture S LHR
Architecture T LHR
Builiding & Architectural Engg A LHR
Builiding & Architectural Engg S LHR
Chemical Engineering A FSD
Chemical Engineering A KSK
Chemical Engineering A LHR
Chemical Engineering AP KSK
Chemical Engineering I KSK
Chemical Engineering I LHR
Chemical Engineering N LHR
Chemical Engineering S FSD
Chemical Engineering S KSK
Chemical Engineering S LHR
City & Regional Planning A LHR
City & Regional Planning N LHR
City & Regional Planning T LHR
Civil Engineering A LHR
Civil Engineering I LHR
Civil Engineering N LHR
Civil Engineering S LHR
Civil Engineering SI LHR
Computer Engineering A LHR
Computer Engineering S LHR
Computer Science A LHR
Computer Science A RCET
Computer Science S LHR
Electrical Engineering A FSD
Electrical Engineering A KSK
Electrical Engineering A LHR
Electrical Engineering A NWL
Electrical Engineering A RCET
Electrical Engineering AP KSK
Electrical Engineering I FSD
Electrical Engineering I KSK
Electrical Engineering I LHR
Electrical Engineering I NWL
Electrical Engineering I RCET
Electrical Engineering L LHR
Electrical Engineering N LHR
Electrical Engineering O LHR
Electrical Engineering P LHR
Electrical Engineering R LHR
Electrical Engineering S FSD
Electrical Engineering S KSK
Electrical Engineering S LHR
Electrical Engineering S RCET
Electrical Engineering SI LHR
Environmental Engineering A LHR
Environmental Engineering S LHR
Geological Engineering A LHR
Geological Engineering S LHR
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg A LHR
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg A RCET
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg I LHR
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg I RCET
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg S LHR
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg S RCET
Mechanical Engineering A KSK
Mechanical Engineering A LHR
Mechanical Engineering A NWL
Mechanical Engineering A RCET
Mechanical Engineering AP KSK
Mechanical Engineering I KSK
Mechanical Engineering I LHR
Mechanical Engineering I RCET
Mechanical Engineering L LHR
Mechanical Engineering N LHR
Mechanical Engineering O LHR
Mechanical Engineering P LHR
Mechanical Engineering S KSK
Mechanical Engineering S LHR
Mechanical Engineering S RCET
Mechanical Engineering SI LHR
Mechatronics & Control Engg A FSD
Mechatronics & Control Engg A LHR
Mechatronics & Control Engg I LHR
Mechatronics & Control Engg S FSD
Mechatronics & Control Engg S LHR
Metallurgical & Materials Engg A LHR
Metallurgical & Materials Engg I LHR
Metallurgical & Materials Engg N LHR
Metallurgical & Materials Engg S LHR
Mining Engineering A LHR
Mining Engineering N LHR
Petroleum & Gas Engineering A LHR
Petroleum & Gas Engineering I LHR
Petroleum & Gas Engineering N LHR
Petroleum & Gas Engineering S LHR
Polymer Engineering A LHR
Polymer Engineering S LHR
Product & Industrial Design A LHR
Product & Industrial Design S LHR
Transportation Engineering A LHR
Transportation Engineering S LHR
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